Stand out on the slopes

Each pair of poles is handmade with love in Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Gold Ice

The rhinestones bend the light that illuminates them creating a diffraction effect that emits rainbow colored sparkles

Original Ice

Original Ice has that diamond like bling bling effect, that makes it mesmerizing to look at


    The prettiest ski poles on the planet

  • Original Ice

  • Gold Ice


Posh Poles

Posh Poles are the only rhinestone covered ski poles in existense

Each pair of Posh Poles feature thousands of rhinestones cascading down the shaft of the ski pole. The rhinestones create a diffraction effect when in the light making them sparkle and shine.

Patent Number: US D1,020,951

The rhinestones allow you to grip the pole anywhere with ease

Carrying Case Included

Stand Out On The Slopes & Shine Like The Snow